About the Executive Team

Past, Present & Future

PsiFire's Tom Strickland has been interested in software game development from the time of his family's first Commodore PET computer on which he programmed a graphic adventure game using BASIC.

Technical Overview:
Information Systems Architect (and Sr. Operations Developer) with a breadth of experience in Start-up as well as Fortune 500 companies. Expertise in software systems design and implementation using cutting-edge technologies, methodologies and tools. Adept at implementing all aspects of comprehensive n-tier web applications and software systems including: accurate requirements from stakeholders; systems and functional designs; data organization and analysis; secure architectures and communications; distributed/load-balanced application servers; performance optimization; user interfaces; Windows/UNIX scripting and server administration; project management; and high-quality, patterns-based code.

  • Systems Architectures and Communications (20+ yrs)
  • Data Modeling, Querying and Analysis (20+ yrs)
  • Business Process Re-engineering (20+ yrs)
  • Java Core and Other Components (17 yrs)
  • RDBMS Technologies (Oracle 8i-11g, MySQL 5.x; MyBATIS, Hibernate, JDBC; Other) (20+ yrs)
  • SOA, Web Services and XML Tech (SOAP, XML, XSLT, XHTML) (12 yrs)
  • Application Servers (glassfish, WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Jboss, Tomcat) (8 yrs)
  • MVC Architectures and Application Frameworks (20+ yrs)
  • Secure Coding and Systems Practices (20+ yrs)
  • Agile Programming, Design Patterns, UML
  • User Interface Design (20+ yrs)
  • Project Management (20+ yrs)
  • Unix/Windows System Administration (15 yrs)
  • Scripting (shell, PERL, Python)


  • Bachelor of Science – Computer Information Systems  (Magna Cum Laude; Dean's List), Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California. 2004.
  • Master of Science – Information Technology  (Highest Honors [4.0]; Technical Achievement Award), Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California. 2006

Hortus Deliciarum, Die Philosophie mit den sieben freien Künsten
(Hortus Deliciarum, Die Philosophie mit den sieben freien Künsten)

Gaming Overview:

Favorite RPG Resources

  • Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 (incl. Dragon magazine, Dungeon mag, Forgotten Realms setting...) by Wizards of the Coast
  • Good, Evil, Empire, War, Rokugan... by the Alderac Entertainment Group
  • Spells & Magic, Alchemy & Herbalists, Arms & Armor... by Bastion Press
  • Legends & Lairs: Path of Magic, Spells and Spellcraft, Traps & Treachery... by Fantasy Flight Games
  • Book of the Righteous, Book of Fiends... by Green Ronin Publishing
  • Complete Book of Eldritch Might, Book of Hallowed Might, Book of Roguish Luck... by Malhavoc Press
  • Encyclopaedia Arcane & Divine, Quintessential, Slayers Guides, Ultimate series... by Mongoose Publishing
  • Tome of Horrors series... by Necromancer Games
  • Touched by the Gods, Fantasy Bestiary, Love and War, Crime and Punishment... by Penumbra
  • 101 collections, Dozen collections, Behind the Spells, Secrets of the Planes... by Ronin Arts
  • Relics & Rituals, Creature Collections, Scarred Lands... by Sword & Sorcery Studios
  • Et Cetera...!

Inspirational Fiction

  • The Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula K. LeGuinn (power of names, archmagi, schools of magic, dragons, great spells)
  • The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien (mythology, good vs. evil, artifacts, heroics, quests)
  • The Riddlemaster of Hed by Patricia A. McKillip (wizards, shapechanging, elemental powers)
  • The Dying Earth by Jack Vance (wizards, rogues, ioun stones, time travel, spells ["Most Excellent Prismatic Spray!"], demons, intrigue, ancient civilizations)
  • The Lyonesse Trilogy by Jack Vance (wizards, fey, plane hopping, spells ["Time Stop"], kingdoms-- war and intrigue)
  • Hiero's Journey by Sterling E. Lanier (far future, post apocalyptic, psionics)
  • Darkover Series by Marion Zimmer Bradley (psionics)
  • Creatures of Light and Darkness, Lord of Light, various others by Roger Zelazny (mythology and god-men, tech as magic)
  • Madwand by Roger Zelazny (magic and tech, mythical creatures, quests, artifacts, wizards, planes of existence)
  • Jack of Shadows by Roger Zelazny (magic and tech, shadow walking/teleportation)
  • Conan the Barbarian by Robert E. Howard (barbarians, sorcerers, creatures, battles)
  • Elric of Melnibone by Michael Moorcock (Stormbringer!, ancient kingdoms, pact/summoning, planes, multi-verse, doomed hero)
  • Witch World by Andre Norton (planes, places of power, illusions, words of power)
  • Et Cetera!

Inspirational Movies

  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (epic narratives & battles, elves/wizards/dwarves/men/orcs, castles, wraiths, dungeons)
  • Dragonslayer (magic, dragons, artifacts, wizards, spells [dimension door, control winds/weather, lightning bolt...]
  • Big Trouble in Little China (martial arts, wizards, quests, humor)
  • Willow (wizards, magic, quests, polymorph)
  • Dungeon & Dragons movies (wizards, spells [teleport, healing, fireball...], quests, artifacts, traps, liches, dragons)
  • Et Cetera!

Favorite Computer Games

  • Fallout (I, II, Tactics, III, New Vegas)
  • Deus Ex
  • Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Baldur's Gate Series
  • Icewind Dale Series
  • Neverwinter Nights I & II
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series (with hi-res and modded patches!)
  • Heroes of Might & Magic V (with skill wheel)
  • Titan Quest: Immortal Throne
  • Temple of Elemental Evil
  • Syndicate Wars
  • System Shock 2
  • Et Cetera!

Karazenpo (Kenpo Martial Art) - Black Belt & Instructor