Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Activation Failure
  2. Partial Interface Rendering on Startup

  1. Activation Failure

  2. If you install the application to the default Windows "Program Files" directory you might need to run that program as an Administrator during activation so that the resulting file can be successfully created. This is usually only an issue if you don't run the program as part of the installation process which does have privileges because of the certificate-signed portable executable used. You might also need to run the application as an Administrator every time even after activation to continue to access the key file. You do not require Administrator privileges for activation and normal use if you install to another directory. Please see the FAQ, Forums, and other resources at

    If that does not solve the activation problem, please contact us.

  3. Partial Interface Rendering on Startup

  4. It is possible that on application startup some text fields (boxes) might be missing. Click on the background and press F12 to reload the configuration which should refresh the user interface--including the missing text fields.